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The Specialist in Silicones, Epoxies, Adhesives, Teflon, Semiconductors and Telecommunication Materials.

Our Company
Vandashima Hi-Tech Materials started out with materials distribution business in the ASEAN region. Today, building on our strength in materials distribution business, we provide total solutions specializing in a comprehensive range of products including silicones, epoxies, adhesives, Teflon, semiconductor assembly and telecommunication materials.

Our People
The success of Vandashima Hi-Tech Materials is largely attributed to the company's belief that the people are our most valuable asset. We believe in constant training, upgrading and development to enable our people to realize their full potential, resulting in a team of highly competent staff that meets the most stringent standards of efficiency.

Our Vision
We recognize the importance of supplying materials with total solutions to meet the specific requirements of the application. To achieve this, we position ourselves as consumer, apply information gathered from market research, innovate and develop products with total solutions to fulfill customers' satisfaction. Ultimately, we aim to add value in the supply chain.

Our Mission
Our mission is to be the preferred total solutions supplier of silicones, epoxies, Teflon, semiconductor and telecommunication materials to the relevant applicators and fabricators in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our Core Values
Viewing every customer as a unique business partner
Aspiring to supply high technology products at competitive prices
Navigating towards Total Customer Satisfaction
Diversifying our product range to keep pace with increasingly diversified needs of today's markets
Assisting our customers in technical support and logistic management
Striving to improve the professionalism of our employees
Harnessing social forces in the company towards better teamwork
Improving working relationships with our suppliers and customers
Monitoring changes in market demand, conditions and trends constantly
Aiming to stay ahead of competition through provision of quality services and products